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4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Landscape Design in the Sammamish and Redmond, WA Areas

4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Landscape Design in the Sammamish and Redmond, WA Areas

It may be time to give your landscape a revamp. Here are four reasons to hire a landscape contractor to create a custom landscape design for your Sammamish and Redmond, WA, area property:

Fulfilling Your Landscape Vision

When you have a landscape contractor create a custom design for your property, you can include whatever landscape features you desire, such as a custom stepping stone path that leads to a warm and inviting paver patio that includes a fire pit. Outdoor lighting can be added to the space to enable you and your guests to enjoy the custom design all hours of the day. With a custom design, your landscape contractor can work closely with you to refine your ideas into a plan for updating your landscape that is practical and attractive. You don’t have to choose a design that’s predetermined—you can lead the direction of your landscape design project or trust that your landscape contractor will bring the best ideas forward.

Choosing a Landscape Design That Suits Your Property

There may be some limitations to the ideas you do have in mind, depending on the amount of space you have to work with, and this is where a landscape company’s experience is invaluable. They can help you by maximizing the potential of your landscape and may bring up ideas you have not yet considered.

For instance, if you have a mostly shady landscape where grass struggles to grow, an artificial turf could be a fitting solution for your landscape plans. If moving back and forth between your patio and your indoor kitchen is not seamless, an outdoor kitchen may be a more convenient option if you love to cook and plan to host more outdoor parties.

Standing Out From Your Neighbors

With a custom landscape design, your yard can be made to look drastically different from the neighboring yards. You’ll have a landscape setup that stands out on its own, whether it’s the pillars and retaining wall at the entrance to your driveway or a cozy fire pit built in your expansive side yard. A true outdoor living space that includes a paver patio with a fire pit and pergola could make your neighbors envious—or may prompt them to ask for an invitation to your backyard.

Opting for Landscape Features You’ll Use

During the process of upgrading your landscape, you may become aware of “nice to have” features but your landscaper will work with you, to understand your unique preferences and lifestyle, to understand whether such features will in fact be useful to you over time. If you’re not big on cooking, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen may not be necessary—but a state-of-the art grill accompanied by an outdoor pizza oven might. A gas-fueled fire pit may get more use at your household than if you had to start a fire each night with wood.

Deciding what you would like and what you are likely to use will truly make your landscape updates personalized to you and your household.


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