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Artificial Grass Redmond WA



We offer quality artificial turf installation for homeowners seeking a beautiful, trustworthy, and low-hassle lawn alternative for their families. Our synthetic grass is non-toxic, safe for children and pets, and looks natural.

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Kairos Landscape LLC - Artificial Grass Maple Valley Wa

Versatile Options

Whether you’re seeking artificial grass for your lawn, putting green, dog run, or pool area, we have many options to choose from. You can touch our turf options at our showroom.

Long Lifespan

We offer a 15 year warranty on our artificial turf installations and most manufacturers offer a 10-15 year warranty on the turf itself, guaranteeing that your faux grass will continue to look and feel great over time. 

How to Make the Most of Your Artificial Turf

Protect your artificial turf with these simple maintenance tips:


Brush: A stiff bristled broom can freshen up turf affected by heavy objects and traffic.


Control weeds and debris: While our installation methods ensure suppression of weed growth underneath the turf, you may need to use a water-based weed killer to get rid of any weeds occasionally blown onto the surface or around the edges. Also remember to remove natural debris like leaves on a regular basis.

Clean up after pets: After scooping up solid waste, you can hose down the area and safely sanitize on occasion with Simple Green or ProVetLogic products.


Remove stains: Most spills on stain-resistant turf can be washed away with water. For tougher stains, scrub it out using a mild soap with lukewarm water or equal parts vinegar and water.


Do’s & Don’ts:

  • DO keep motorized vehicles away.

  • DO avoid letting gum and other sticky substances fall on your lawn. 

  • DO trim surrounding foliage to reduce debris from overhanging trees and plants.

  • DON’T set down hot, gas-powered equipment—keep this in mind when any trimming work is being done on your landscape as this equipment can burn holes in the turf.

  • DON’T use hard chemicals like bleach.  

  • DON’T place combustible heat sources on your lawn such as cigarettes, fire pits, grills, or fireworks.

  • DON’T use sharp objects like pointy furniture legs or athletic cleats on your turf.


Kairos Landscape LLC - Artificial Grass Maple Valley Wa


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