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4 Ways a Fire Pit Can Complement Your New Paver Patio in Covington, WA

4 Ways a Fire Pit Can Complement Your New Paver Patio in Covington, WA

To ensure the maximum use of your new paver patio, you may want to also consider including a fire pit in your landscape renovation plans. Designed and built together, a fire pit and paver patio can be made to look like they are a perfect pair, and provide you with many ways to enjoy your landscape—and not only on summer days. Here are four ways a fire pit can complement your new paver patio in Covington, WA.

Extends Your Outdoor Season

While adding a paver patio offers you new entertaining and lounging space all on its own, a beautiful fire pit will keep you outside longer, from chilly yet bearable spring evenings to the cool-down days of fall when you are not yet ready to end your outside time just because of seasonal weather. At any time, a fire pit can offer you a warm, cozy feeling, with the ease of it depending on whether you prefer a gas or wood-fueled fire pit. A fire pit would be a fun and engaging addition to your paver patio, by offering a separate area for family-fun activities, such as summer s’mores making or spooky storytelling around the fire on a late fall evening.

Creates a Special Ambiance

Fire pits serve a practical use; however, they can also become a focal point of your paver patio, depending on the materials chosen, its design, and heft. Imagine hosting a party in your backyard or simply sipping on cider or mulled wine on a crisp autumn night with just a few friends. The glowing fire will offer a unique elegance to your paver patio, providing the right ambiance for any outdoor occasion. Placement of the fire pit in your paver patio will matter: It is important to balance the size of your fire pit with the size of your paver patio; you likely do not want any one landscape feature to overwhelm the other.

Provides Entertainment

A fire pit offers entertainment all on its own. Beautiful to admire, a fire pit becomes a natural gathering place. Adding it to your outdoor space will most likely spark interest and conversation alike. A seating wall could signal to your visitors where the best seat is at your house. Consider the height possibilities, in terms of your preferred seating arrangements during the design phase of your fire pit and patio. You may make different choices depending on whether you like the concept of a seating wall or prefer cushy couches.

Gives You Choices During the Design Phase

When getting a fire pit and paver patio constructed at the same time, you should consider whether you want them to look like they are made of the same material or whether you want the fire pit to be a contrasting color. There are numerous colors, textures, and sizes for patio pavers, and many are made to look exactly the same as the fire pit kits available, or you could consider a customized fire pit, so that both features fit seamlessly together. The choice of built-in seating could be considered at the same time, so that everything looks like it belongs together, and that everything appears welcoming to you and your guests.


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