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5 Benefits of Pairing Artificial Grass Alongside a Paver Patio in the Maple Valley, WA, Area

5 Benefits of Pairing Artificial Grass Alongside a Paver Patio in the Maple Valley, WA, Area

For a full landscape transformation that includes a paver patio, you may find that you’d prefer artificial grass to take up a considerable portion of your landscape, as it requires very little maintenance and always looks lush. When you’re considering a paver patio and artificial grass combination for your Maple Valley, WA, area home, you’ll realize a wide array of benefits. Here are five benefits of pairing these two landscape features together:

A Visually Pleasing Effect

When you’re sitting outdoors on your patio reading your favorite book, sipping summer cocktails, or enjoying dinner alfresco, you’ll get to gaze out at your green, perfectly manicured lawn. You don’t have to worry about looking at unsightly brown spots or dead grass—your artificial lawn will be a pleasure to view, no matter the season.

Easy to Clean

This area of your backyard likely gets a lot of use by your family and houseguests, which may mean you could have spills on the grass area. When you have artificial grass installed, you won’t have to worry about keeping the grass clean. Spill a bottle of wine off your outdoor dining table onto the artificial grass? No problem. This type of grass is also ideal for pet owners who let their dogs outside in the yard each day. When you need to clean up the artificial grass, just hose it off and it will be back to its prior good condition in no time.

Entertainment Area

Your paver patio is an excellent spot to entertain friends and spend time with family members. As an entertainment focal point, the artificial grass and paver patio area will expand your living space to the outdoors. You can set up a putting green next to your paver patio or play bocce ball as you stay close to friends and family members gathering on the patio. The artificial grass area remains level and you won’t have muddy areas like you would with natural grass.

Resists Wear and Tear

Artificial grass is also helpful for resisting wear and tear that natural grass experiences. With natural grass, holes, dead grass, and muddy trenches can occur, which can create tripping hazards and leave an unsightly mess. With artificial grass, your lawn stays in top condition through all weather elements and the continual foot traffic this area of yard experiences. In addition, the lovely green color of the grass remains during all of the four seasons, making for an aesthetically pleasing view.

Ideal for Pets and Kids

Artificial grass added next to your paver patio can improve the look of your yard while being an ideal spot for pets and kids to enjoy. When you add non-toxic artificial grass to your backyard, you have a place for kids to safely play and for your dogs to run around while you sit on the patio and keep them in view. Since the artificial grass is durable and won’t collect water and mud, you can rest easy knowing your children and pets can stay safe and dry.


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