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6 Landscape Design Tips to Make a Retaining Wall a Beautiful Feature in the Snoqualmie, WA, Area

6 Landscape Design Tips to Make a Retaining Wall a Beautiful Feature in the Snoqualmie, WA, Area

Adding a retaining wall to your Snoqualmie, WA, area property can serve many purposes. This type of masonry structure helps prevent erosion on your property and it can also be a useful addition as a seating wall on your paver patio. In order to make this structure a beautiful addition to your property, here are six landscape design tips:


Retaining walls tend to offer a useful purpose, but they can also be made to look especially nice while serving their important roles. Adding plantings to the top of the retaining wall, for example, such as planters filled with flowers and perched on the ends of the wall, will give this landscape feature a natural touch. The retaining wall can also have creeping vines flow over the top, for an eye-catching foliage feature.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is another way to accentuate the beauty of your retaining wall. Lights can be embedded into the wall for a warm glow or light fixtures could be turned upward, toward the wall, to bring attention to the beautiful textures of the wall blocks you have chosen. If you want to have a more focused lighting result, the landscape contractor can add outdoor light fixtures to the top of the wall.

Improved Entertaining Space

When you add a retaining wall to a paver patio area or pool patio, you can use a retaining wall to define this entertaining space—in effect you would be creating ambience and potentially the ideal party place. The retaining wall indicates where the best action occurs in your landscape.

Outdoor Kitchen Accompaniment

Retaining walls are also added to outdoor kitchen areas. When you have a retaining wall built in this space outside, you are adding to the overall visual of your outdoor kitchen. In addition to the retaining wall beautifying your outdoor kitchen, this structure also provides an extra place to sit as well as a location to place cooking materials and freshly prepared meals on their way out to the outdoor dining table.

Fire Pit

A retaining wall can also add a welcome feature to your fire pit area. With the retaining wall in place, you have a spot for people to sit. In addition, the retaining wall can act as a windshield to protect the fire from any breeze that’s blowing and keep the fire lit for longer. The retaining wall can also help prevent leaves and other yard debris from blowing into the fire pit area.

Walkway Borders

When paired alongside other landscape features, such as a paver walkway, a retaining wall can add something extra to the overall landscape, from a visual standpoint. You can have a retaining wall built on a sloped yard area on one side of your walkway and fill the garden area that adjoins it with flowers and foliage. Or you can have two retaining walls built, one on either side of the walkway, to outline the route while also serving a functional purpose like preventing soil erosion.

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