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Advice for When Artificial Grass Is the Best Choice for Your Landscape in Redmond & Sammamish, WA

Advice for When Artificial Grass Is the Best Choice for Your Landscape

A lush area of grass is one of the highlights of a well-kept landscape, but it’s not always feasible to pull off. Sometimes artificial grass is a better solution for establishing a healthy looking lawn. Here are some reasons you might want artificial grass on your Redmond and Sammamish, WA, area property:

Your Current Grass Isn’t Growing

For whatever reason, such as an overly shady landscape or poor soil, if your lawn does not currently look nice, even with regular landscaping services, it may be time for a new option: artificial grass. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about brown spots, holes, or pest infestation. With artificial grass, your lawn will look uniform and eye-catching in every place throughout your yard.

Hypoallergenic Option

Allergy sufferers also may find that artificial grass presents a welcome hypoallergenic option. If weed allergens and grass allergies plague you or your family members, adding artificial grass to your yard will help combat these allergies and the symptoms that go along with them.

To Address Poor Drainage Issues

When you have artificial grass installed on your property, you will find that it can actually drain better than real, natural glass—you will not end up with muddy puddles or pooling of water if you have a synthetic turf landscape.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Another reason why you might want to consider artificial grass is to cut back on landscaping needs and services. Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance landscaping solution. This type of grass doesn’t need to be mowed and weeds will be kept at a minimum. Your artificial grass will remain in top shape without all the work. The main landscaping you’ll have to do with artificial grass is to clear off any leaves or debris that gather on it throughout the year. Other than that, the landscaping duties will be few in number.

Good for Kids and Pets

If you have kids and pets in your home, artificial grass is an excellent spot to run and play. Your kids won’t be running through muddy puddles or tripping on holes in the yard. Also, if you have dogs at your house, chances are good that you won’t want them digging up the yard. With artificial grass, this type of mischievousness won’t be possible.

No Fertilizers or Chemicals Needed

For homeowners who don’t like to use fertilizer or chemicals on their lawn yet still want a lush, green yard may opt for artificial grass. This type of lawn covering stays nice year-round without the addition of chemicals or fertilizers that may be necessary with natural grass throughout the different seasons. Plus, your artificial grass should stay in great shape for years to come.

Watering Is Unnecessary

If you’d love to do without watering your lawn on a constant basis, artificial grass is a way around this. With the addition of artificial grass to your front yard, backyard, and/or side property areas, you can have lovely looking grass without the tedious task of watering involved. Without all the watering, you can pursue a more environmentally friendly way of living.

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