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Choosing a Retaining Wall Design That Will Withstand the Seasons in Snoqualmie and Redmond, WA

Choosing a Retaining Wall Design That Will Withstand the Seasons in Snoqualmie and Redmond, WA

It’s no secret that the harsh winters in Snoqualmie and Redmond, WA, areas can wreak havoc on a landscape over time. That’s why new landscape features need to be built of premium materials and expert craftsmanship by experienced professionals. This can be especially true for retaining walls that intend to hold back soil and provide a critical structural element in the landscape. Here is how you can be sure to choose a retaining wall that will last for many years to come.

Deciding on Retaining Wall Materials

Using the right materials for the job is often step one for a long-lasting retaining wall. You not only need a functioning wall to hold back the earth over time, but you want it to look like it belongs in your overall landscape design.

Some retaining walls are made to look like classic natural stone while others take on a more modern appearance that is more clearly manufactured. Your landscape company can provide you assurances about the quality of the materials used while also providing recommendations based on your style preferences. They may even suggest additional design elements to complement your retaining wall such as seating areas, a built-in outdoor fireplace, and landscape lighting elements.

You may want to inquire about whether the landscape company stands by its work with a warranty. That would be a sign of a reputable company and give you peace of mind. A visit to the landscaper’s showroom could show you the available retaining wall materials and narrow down your selection. You will have the opportunity to see what the walls look like in real-life instead of just photos in a catalog, and can ask the professionals questions about any of the retaining walls you are interested in before making your final selection. Perhaps you will want to bring some photos of your landscape to the showroom so that you can get a better idea of how the retaining wall will look once it is built.

Planning for the Work

After the design is set and the materials selection is made, a plan for the retaining wall project will take shape. You will want to have an idea of the timeline involved so that you can plan accordingly. We have all the tools needed to take care of filling, tamping, handling mortar, and cleaning your new retaining wall. After carefully considering the expected measurements of the retaining wall and the importance of ergonomics for the task, we’ll be ready to begin.

Building the Retaining Wall

Our team shows up on the scheduled day on time and ready to work! Using the pre-designed plan, the experienced landscaping team expertly forms the retaining wall on your property. When it’s done, there’s nothing for you to do but enjoy your new wall—our team cleans up and leaves your home in photo-ready condition.

Continued Care

A quality retaining wall doesn’t require maintenance going forward beyond the occasional clearing of debris. Such retaining walls are specifically designed and constructed to handle all four seasons of the year with no cracks or issues arising.


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