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Looking For a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in Redmond, WA? Artificial Grass May Be Your Solution

Looking For a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design in Redmond, WA? Artificial Grass Could Be Your Solution

Want a styled, luxurious-looking landscape but not any of the worry of making sure it stays pristine? Keeping a beautiful landscape looking good usually means being concerned about how to keep up with a watering and fertilization schedule, mowing, and weeding. It may require adding pesticides to your lawn to keep the pests from damaging your landscape and turning the grass brown or creating bare spots. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that looks amazing but won’t take up much time, you could consider artificial grass when looking into a landscape design for your Redmond, WA, home.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Synthetic lawns consist of plastic material that looks like natural grass. It provides a lush, vibrant lawn on any property, and maintains that fresh-looking appearance throughout all four seasons. Artificial grass has advanced greatly since it was first created and is now made to look and feel similar to living grass, but with many benefits over maintaining a real lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

The best benefit for people who don’t have time to worry about lawn maintenance is how little care synthetic grass requires. Artificial grass stands up to wear and tear from the kids and pets and retains its beautiful appearance for many years—all without your regular involvement to keep it that way!

Water Conservation

Since artificial grass isn’t living it doesn’t require any water. Compared to real lawns that require regular watering to maintain their lush and green appearance, artificial grass helps conserve water.

Year-round Perfection

Lawns look great when the weather conditions are ideal for growing—there is enough rain but not too much rain, enough sun but not too much sun to burn the lawn, and temperatures stay above freezing. Of course, our weather hardly ever cooperates to that level of perfection. But your low-maintenance artificial grass can withstand all seasons looking as bright and green as the day it was installed.

Reduced Chemicals

Keeping lawns green and pest-free often requires fertilizer and pesticides. With artificial grass landscaping, you can have year-round, perfectly green grass without the use of chemicals. The artificial turf itself is nontoxic and safe for pets and children, and some is even made from recycled materials.

Grass in Hard-to-Grow Areas

If the changes you are making to your landscape design requires introducing new grassy areas, you may find that some of those areas would be difficult to reach for easy maintenance. Consider how difficult it would be to keep the grass cut short on raised surfaces, between pavers or natural stone, or around a pond and water feature. Artificial grass can be ideal for all of these areas because once installed, it requires very little maintenance and definitely won’t need to be mowed or watered.

It can be difficult to grow grass in shady areas sometimes, like under certain trees or in high-traffic areas of your lawn. Synthetic grass can be perfect for these places as well.

Easy to Clean Up After Dogs

If you have dogs that go outside on the lawn to “do their business” you know how hard it is to keep those areas green and clean. Artificial turf will still require a cleanup, of course, but it can be much easier with a hose nearby.


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