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Paver Patterns: A Guide to Help You Decide What Will Look Best in Your Covington WA Landscape Design

Paver Patterns: A Guide to Help You Decide What Will Look Best in Your Covington WA Landscape Design

The landscape design process can be an exciting time as you start working with a landscape company in the Covington, WA, area. You can begin the process of turning your landscaping dreams into reality and finally have that perfect front yard or backyard space. There are a lot of decisions to be made and a wide variety of choices to choose from. You’ll need to decide what outdoor spaces you want to include, such as an outdoor kitchen or simply an outdoor patio that serves as an outdoor living area. Picking out the pavers will be an important part of the process. Which ones you choose will depend upon your personal style preferences.

There are numerous options of pavers in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and styles. A landscape designer can help you determine what style would look best for your specific space. You will also need to decide what paver pattern you would like used for your outdoor spaces. Here are some of the paver patterns that you may want to consider.

Running Bond Pattern

The running bond pattern is one of the most commonly used patterns. This involves square or rectangular-shaped pavers being laid side by side in rows, but staggering every other row. You could compare the appearance to how subway tile looks.


The basketweave pattern is named such because it resembles the weaves in a basket. The look is generally created by placing two pavers with the short side facing one way and two other pavers with the short side facing the opposite direction. This pattern is achieved with rectangular shaped pavers.


For the checkerboard pattern, square-shaped tiles are laid in alternating colors as the checkers game board is. Some homeowners choose to have an entire paver patio area built in a checkerboard pattern, and others choose to have an actual giant checkerboard game built as part of the paver patio, which makes a great conversation piece and provides entertainment opportunities—just add giant checkers or chess pieces!

Stacked Bond

A stacked bond paver pattern is similar to the running bond pattern, except that it is not staggered like subway tile is. This pattern is often laid in a diagonal layout, which creates a beautiful effect.


For the circular pattern, pavers are laid in a circular pattern. This is a popular choice for a fire pit area, if the fire pit is circular. Whether you choose a monotone look or to go with multiple colors of pavers, both will look impressive.


The herringbone pattern involves rectangular shaped pavers in a zig-zag pattern. Its name is a reflection of the fact that the arrangement resembles the bones of a fish.

Spanish Bond

Both rectangular-shaped and square-shaped pavers are used in the Spanish bond pattern. In this pattern, four rectangular pavers form a square that encases a square paver.


The ashlar pattern is a random laying pattern that involves numerous shapes and sizes of pavers. You can choose to have a single color of pavers or go with a mixture of different colors. The designs can vary, depending on the pavers that are used.

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