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The Surprising Sustainability Benefits of Artificial Grass in the Redmond and Sammamish, WA Areas

The Surprising Sustainability Benefits of Artificial Grass in the Redmond and Sammamish, WA Areas

Keeping your landscape looking great at all times throughout the year can be a challenge, especially during the cold winter months. However, if you added artificial grass to your property, your lawn would always be green and lush, year-round. In addition, artificial grass offers sustainability features. Here are some sustainability benefits of artificial grass that may help you decide if this addition is right for your Redmond and Sammamish, WA, area landscape:

Less Water Usage

When you have artificial grass, watering the lawn is no longer required. The only reason you’ll have to use water on artificial grass is to clean off dirt and debris that may collect from time to time or give the artificial grass a quick water spray for aesthetic purposes. In many cases, a broom can be enough to clean grass or some pet-cleaning products if you have animals who will be using your artificial turf on occasion. Stains can be washed away with water or a mix of vinegar and water.

Less Yard Waste

Another sustainability benefit with artificial grass is that you won’t have yard waste that lawn mowing produces—there won’t be tons of grass cuttings strewn around the yard that need to be disposed of like you would have with natural grass. In addition to yard waste, when you don’t have to mow your lawn, you won’t have plastic bags headed to the landfill that may have been used in the past with lawn clippings and yard waste.

No Chemicals Needed

Artificial grass does not require weed killer or fertilizer. Lawn chemicals may have negative effects on the environment. When you do not have a need to use these products, it may be better for sustainability purposes overall. Also, when you have artificial grass and don’t have to use chemical products on your lawn, the area can be considered safer for pets and children who may be nearby. Artificial grass rarely gets weeds and, if it does, these pesky growths can easily be removed.

Less Single-Use Plastics

Also, when you don’t have to use lawn chemicals on your grass, you won’t have an abundance of single use plastic containers to dispose of. Single use plastics wind up in the local landfills and add to the growing amount of items already in these locations. Artificial grass sustains itself on its own and looks healthy and fresh without the addition of any chemicals that come in these plastic containers.

No Air or Noise Pollution Equipment

Another sustainability benefit to having artificial grass on your property is that this type of lawn doesn’t have to be mowed or trimmed—avoiding the noise pollution that can come from lawn mowers. Your artificial grass will remain the same length, in the same level of green lushness, and will not require any manicuring or mowing services to keep it looking nice throughout the seasons.

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